Mystic Honey is a femme owned and operated business that offers healing services with the intention to reconnect you to your feminine nature. Through intuitive guidance and meditation, woven in with sound, crystal and energetic healing, you will reclaim your inner rhythm and move through life empowered.

I’m Brēdevi, the creatrix of Mystic Honey.

As a Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Temple Body Artist, and a student of Vedic sciences & philosophies such as Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Vedic Counseling, my highest intention is to be in service to the rise of The Divine Feminine. My offerings, mentorship, and healing sessions are inspired by the path of the Tantrika and the embodiment of the Dakini.

Magickal transformation emerges when a wombyn discovers empowerment through sexual sovereignty.

I gave birth to Mystic Honey in August 2020 after bringing my second daughter into 3D, traveling the around the Earth, and experiencing the mysticism that is innately alive within my womb. I believe that every human was brought in with a unique purpose that keeps the collective consciousness in perfect harmony. My Mystic Honey offerings are to direct you into the remembrance of your soul’s mission and the omnipresent love of The Universe that often goes unseen. 

“Brēdevi’s connection with intuition and sense of self was palpable during our sessions— it helped me access a space of openness and honesty within myself that’s been so helpful on my healing journey. She’s so supportive through each phase of her services. She offers guidance in ways that aren’t pushy and sets you on a path to begin or expand your individual self-healing practice. I’m beyond grateful for my experiences with her.”

-Heather W.

The Black Obsidian Journey

    Mystic Honey Offerings

    Awaken Your Magic

    This is an embodied reiki experience for wombyn who are ready to become Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioners with a specialty in womb healing.

    7 Day Womb Cleanse

    With Mystic Honey’s Womb Cleanse as your guide, you will use your creativity in the kitchen to detoxify and nourish your womb to reconnect with your innate wisdom.

    Womb Healing Sessions

    In a womb healing session, I weave together reiki, meditation, sound, and crystal healing to remove energetic blockages and channel life force energy into your womb. This method will bring your subtle body into alignment with the Divine, reconnecting you to your feminine nature.

    1:1 Mentorship

    Are you stuck in a pattern that you can’t seem to get out of? Are you having trouble moving through a challenge? This offering is for you! in a 60 minute private session, I offer intuitive guidance based on my studies as well as various tools of Divination.

    Energetic Birth Support

    The journey from maiden to mother is one of the most empowering and pleasurable initiations a wombyn can move through. With Mystic Honey’s Energetic Birth Support, you will receive monthly womb healing sessions as well as sound therapy and reiki while bringing life through the cosmic yoni portal.

    Reclaim Your Mystic Honey

    This transformational course is for wombyn who are ready to realign with their soul’s purpose and live out their lives from a place empowered pleasure. We will walk the path carved by our ancestors, guided by ancient wisdom to reconnect with the strength, wisdom, and power of our wombs, deeply healing in the process. Are you ready to Reclaim your Feminine Power?

    Goddess Gatherings

    These free events are held with the intention to build a community of sacred wombyn who desire to surrender to sacred rest, recharge their energetic bodies, and realign with the rhythms of their womb.

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