Goddess Gathering

This sacred space is held with the intention to bring women together through earth medicine, ecstatic dance, meditation, and creative expression. Join us in sisterhood this January 28th at 6:00pm at Align Yoga, Rocks, and Reiki.

Holy Fire III Reiki 1 & 2 Training

This class will take place on March 18-19, 2023 at Shockoe Salon. You will learn the history of Re-Ki and many techniques that will allow you to practice this hands on healing method to heal yourself and others.

At Mystic Honey, we believe the womb-space is a psychic, energetic center that exists within all living beings, whether or not they are a bleeding/birthing person. The uterus is a tangible manifestation of Svadhisthana, or the Sacral Chakra, designed to create and give birth to life. The Sacral Chakra is guided by the moon and governs our “lunar side.”

All beings, regardless of gender, have a solar and lunar side. Our left cerebral hemisphere promotes linear, logical function and is wired to the right side of the body through our nervous system. The right hemisphere promotes creativity and intuitive function and corresponds with the left side of the body. Our linear side is associated with the sun as it rises and sets from a fixed point over the course of 24 hours. The intuitive side is associated with the moon as it moves in around the Earth in a 28-day cycle.

Mystic Honey’s Mission is to bring the inner sun and moon into harmony so that they can dance the dance of creation.

We believe that all living things are fractals of divine, creative matter. We came into form with free will to choose how we think, feel, and behave. It is from this inner landscape that we paint our external landscape onto the canvas of our lives through our bodies.

Just as humanity has brought destruction and discord to the planetary collective, we can cultivate global reconstruction and harmony by making the shift within. As we restore balance between our solar and lunar aspects, we can magnetize balance in the external realm.

What does this have to do with the womb-space?

Across the globe, religion has historically been sustained on a hierarchy that placed women in complimentary roles. The Priestess was buried, the prophetess was written out of the texts, and feminine apostles were silenced. As spiritual beings, especially in the West, the morality of our society is aligned with religious belief.

Throughout the 20th century, women fought for equality and achieved this by conforming to cultural masculine constructs. The problem is that rather than the world creating space for the feminine, the feminine had to conform to the masculine world in order to achieve equality. This created an imbalance we commonly refer to as “toxic masculinity.”

Toxic masculinity affects all genders. It teaches us to repress our emotions, compete, take pride in over-working ourselves, be aggressive in order to succeed, become hyper-independent, and discriminate against others. To lead with our left cerebral hemisphere and disown the right.


As we continue to walk the path of discord, our nervous systems misfire. The heart, mind and womb-space are no longer cohesive. The heart knows our dharma– our individual duty on this planet. Our minds realize this purpose through our consciousness and the womb-space is responsible for the creation of this purpose. It is the channel through which our knowing takes form. When the mind, the heart, and the womb-space are not corresponding with one another, we manifest inner and outer division, violence, addiction, and dis-ease.

Mystic Honey’s offerings are inspired by the Divine Feminine, who seeks to guide all of humanity to their highest spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical health by restoring sacred union with her Divine Masculine counterpart. It is our goal to make space for all beings to strengthen their lunar aspect, empowering them to create their reality in alignment with the highest good for all.

Invest in yourself thorough Mystic Honey

We are currently undergoing a transformation, which only allows us to hold space in group containers. It is our goal to facilitate monthly Community Circles for all genders and Goddess Gatherings for sisters (this is a trans-inclusive container). Stay in the know by subscribing to our email list, that way you can be the first to register for our next event!

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About Brēdevi

Brēdevi is a descendant of a Cherokee tribe and a family of Europeans deriving from Appalachia. The imprints of spiritual wisdom and a deep connection to the Earth come from both her mother and father lineage. She grieves for her ancestors who were forced to leave their land on the Trail of Tears and for her European feminine ancestors who have suffered at the hand of a patriarchal church. Her grief motivates her leave behind the imprints of the toxic masculine to heal the women who came before her and to carve the path for her two daughters that she brought in.

Brēdevi is a moon healer, author, archetypal embodiment teacher, workshop leader, and retreat facilitator. Her highest intention is to be in service to the rise of The Divine Feminine. She channeled Mystic Honey in 2019 after a womb healing experience where she recognized her womb as inter-dimensional portal that breathes cosmic energy into form. As a Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Temple Body Artist, and a student of Vedic Counseling, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantra, Vedic Astrology, and Yoga, Brēdevi strives to bring the planetary vibrations into balance by awakening individual souls to their innate, embodied wisdom.

Photo by Katie Bosch 

What people have to say about Mystic Honey:

“I came to the Goddess Gathering for the first time to meet a new group of women in a place where I could truly open up. I’ve been feeling like I am at a point in my life where I wanted to make a change and struggling with what’s next for me in life. At the gathering, I was able to finally release all the negative energy that had been haunting me for so long. I got to meet a group of women that not just listened to my story but really understood the struggles I’ve been having with growing as a person and having to leave some relationships and friendships during this growth period. Everyone was so supportive of each other and not judgmental and to find that in a group of women is special. Before this experience, I didn’t realize how much I really needed to release all the negative energy I had been holding on to. It was weighing so heavy on me everyday and I couldn’t figure out how to move past it. I came into the circle sad from a relationship ending and knowing that some of my friendships could be ending too as I continue to grow and change my life. I left feeling the complete opposite, happy, relieved, and grateful for my new sisters for life. My favorite part was when we all finally let go and danced together and let everything out. We danced, we cried, and we supported one another with what each of us was going through. Truly an experience I’ve never had before. As I was leaving, I felt a sense of calmness, like the weight on my shoulders finally was removed. I finally released everything negative that I had been feeling for months and that I was finally getting back on the right path for my life and my growth journey.”

– Dani

“I showed up to the Goddess Gathering ready to come out of my suffering and learn to be kinder to myself and others. Being in a space where I didn’t feel any judgment from others allowed me to release a lot of judgment I felt towards myself. I really enjoyed the guided meditation. I’ve been looking for ways to remind myself that I am nature, not just a part of it or excluded from it and the meditation allowed me to connect to The Mother in a way that I was missing and needing. I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience. I left feeling empowered, gentle, and kind.”

– Katherine

“I went to the Goddess Gathering to release grief and give myself some love and care. Everyone that attended exuded so much love, compassion, and kindness. It felt amazing, freeing, and safe. I feel like I was able to let go of several things that were holding me back through movement and shake out feelings of self doubt, and sadness. Leaving the circle, I felt elated, lighter, calmer, compassionate.”

– Holly

“I invested in this experience with the intention to love my body and find comfort within it. Feeling free to sing, dance, and do other things I enjoy passionately, unapologetically, and without fear of judgment. Truly know, feel, and embody the fact that I am worthy and I am enough. I felt very supported by the circle with my intention. The dancing and direction to make any sounds needed, directly addressed one part of my intention. The other parts of my intention were supported by the sage, visualization, cacao, sound bath, dancing, discussion circle, everything! The event was just so thoughtfully crafted. It was a blessing to be surrounded by the energy everyone brought in. I felt really connected to my body. My mom has always made discussing topics around the yoni, womb, and other feminine organs a very taboo topic. Hearing Bredevi speak of these topics with such ease and without the shame other women in my circles have shrouded them in (not intentionally but as a result of the patriarchal society we live in) made the shame I fostered around my own anatomy as a woman feel as though it was lifted. I had a very emotional visualization experience. I was raped when I was 16, which has created a lot of trauma around sexual relations and feeling safe with my body, specifically with my reproductive organs. I have also struggled throughout my life with feeling like I am worthy or “allowed” to experience pleasure fully and not just like I am facilitating a pleasurable experience for a man. I have been doing a lot of work in therapy with these issues but felt as though I had hit a plateau earlier this year. During the visualization, in the cave I saw the trauma that has manifested from my rape and the feelings of unworthiness surrounding sexual pleasure as a monster of sorts. However I did not feel scared by it, I felt compassion towards it. Then we visualized our younger selves and I thought back to the version of me that had just been raped and hugged her and told her it was all going to be ok. I felt such a sense of relief from acknowledging my shadows. I feel like I have started on my journey up a new mountain towards healing after hitting my previous plateau. I felt as though the gathering was very thoughtfully crafted and that every single part of the gathering from the sage, the sound bath, the spices in the cacao, to the directions given while dancing to help release and the visualization played a vital role in creating a safe and loving environment to dive deeper into the self. I think the discussion circle was particularly important to me as it really helps me conceptualize my experience when I am able to share it with others right after experiencing it. After I left, I felt so great! I went home and danced around some more at my house and felt beautiful, seen, held and happy. I would recommend this to anyone seeking feminine healing.”

– Anonymous

“Brēdevi’s connection with intuition and sense of self was palpable during our sessions— it helped me access a space of openness and honesty within myself that’s been so helpful on my healing journey. She’s so supportive through each phase of her services. She offers guidance in ways that aren’t pushy and sets you on a path to begin or expand your individual self-healing practice. I’m beyond grateful for my experiences with her.”

-Heather W.

My experiences with Mystic Honey have been extremely powerful in the way they have allowed me to really see and accept myself for all that I am and all parts of my journey through life. I came into the program knowing that I needed support integrating my shadow and that’s exactly what I received. Brēdevi gave me the structure, accountability, and support I needed in order to fearlessly embrace myself and uncover my truths. Because of this program, I have let go of so many of the old stories that I’ve told myself and have been able to truly investigate and heal old wounds in a way I struggled to do for years on my own. I do feel like a changed human coming out of this, able to live more authentically as myself.”


Growing up, things like reiki and meditation weren’t practiced in my home and it wasn’t a practice I was really familiar with. So when Brēdevi asked if I wanted to do a reiki session with her, I was really curious about what that entailed and what reiki even was. She gladly explained everything to me, including her own journey through self discovery and spirituality. She had a way of making me feel so comfortable and welcome while in an unfamiliar environment. Not only does she take the time to know you and make sure you are comfortable with the process, she also gives great advice during your session. She truly engages with you and makes you feel heard. The energy she brings to the room is that of love light. If nothing else, you feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest when you finish a session with her.”

-Katie B.

My experience with Brēdevi doing a womb healing session was just what I needed. Upon enterng, I immediately felt held adn safe. During the session, I could feel all the shame I held around my womb, because of my sexual history, leaving my body through the bottoms of my feet, it was so cool!! Released some tears and then could start to feel the healing and grace my body and womb had been craving. I will definitely be back!

-Miranda P.

“I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to energy work and was even hesitant to give it a try because of my own spiritual beliefs. But, after witnessing Brēdevi’s progress and growth in her own journey to enlightenment, I decided to open myself up to another avenue for accepting healing and wholeness. Brēdevi was very intuitive and was able to share with me her insight into what was blocking me from experiencing the peace I was so desperately in need of. She continues to share resources and guidance in the areas that need attention and is such a positive influence during these challenging times. I will definitely do another session with her during my journey and would recommend her to anyone that is interested in experiencing growth, strength and courage to become the woman that God created you to be.”

-Tammy P.

Prior to my session with Brēdevi, I had no personal experience or knowledge with reiki, thought I am always willing to experience new spiritual opportunities. I tend to keep my spirituality more to myself and I identify loosely with the label “Wiccan.” I still don’t know how to fully describe everything I experienced, but I left feeling a true sense of comfort and peace that I had not felt in a while. She was very comforting during our session, and she maintained a contagious spirit of self love and acceptance.”

-Emily L.

“This past year has been a year in which I’ve felt called to prioritize and invest in healing. Throughout this journey, I was introduced to womb healing, a form of energetic healing I hadn’t yet experienced. Learning about this healing seemed to be divine timing because I had been working towards finding my voice, stepping into my power, and reclaiming oppressed parts of myself as a result of a challenging relationship I had been working to release. Brēdevi came highly recommended through my community and I realized why during our first call together. We discussed her offerings and decided on the healing session that aligned most with what I had been working on and through. Brēdevi made me feel heard, supported and hopeful- all before the actual healing session! A couple of days later, Brēdevi performed reiki from a distance and then followed the healing up with a call. During the call she discussed what came up during the energy healing as well as providing mantras and practices to reinforce the healing I experienced. The week following the session I noted feeling freer than I had in a while, more joyful and more autonomous. It’s been weeks since my healing session and I still incorporate the mantra she gifted me in my daily practice! I highly recommend a feminine healing session with Brēdevi!”

-Jessie S.

“I’m Nicole Pemberton, the creatrix of The Goddess Moves. I want to say a few words about Brēdevi. I received her energy healing session and it was so beautiful. It was full of gentle care, nourishment and she held the space so beautifully to allow healing and upliftment from her session. She is very connected and very supportive of the process of the continuation of the offerings that she holds. Her Mystic Honey runs deep and I highly recommend Brēdevi for her beautiful offerings, wisdom, and fantastic presence.”

-Nicole P.

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