7 Day Cleanse

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As the years have passed since ancient Egypt was sought by all parts of the world for its spiritual and holistic wisdom, the collective womb has been silenced, abused, and ignored. Now more than ever, womxn are experiencing ovarian cancer, cysts, tumors, hysterectomies, amputation (removal of the cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries), endometriosis, severe pre-menstrual symptoms, blood clots, and more. This is due to the evolution of patriarchal structures that have conditioned us into a more masculine society that leaves little space for the modern day womxn to hear the voice of her womb saying “I’m in pain!”

If you are here now, you are ready to listen to this voice and honor your womb as the core of your existence, to transmute pain into pleasure, to reclaim your femininity and stop dis-ease before it begins. Your womb is the cosmic portal that brings life through from one realm to the next. It holds the codes for creation. It has the power to deconstruct and rebuild itself each month. It governs your sexuality, your emotions, your creative power, and your pleasure. A healthy womb holds space for intuition, premonitions, vivid dreams, and authentic expression. You deserve to experience the ecstatic life that your womb can offer you and you have the power to say yes to that life, right now.

The journey to total womb health begins by going inward and listening to what your womb has to say. She remembers every story, every experience, the pain, and the pleasure. Before you are able to learn to tune into the voice of your womb, you must first become a clear channel. I have invested thousands of dollars and several years into studying the path of the womb healer and have discovered that the quickest, most effective way to achieve clarity is through dietary cleansing. As an employee, mother of two, small business owner, and a student, I understand how impossible this may sound. If your body is accustomed to the average American diet, it can even be dangerous to cleanse without proper research and planning. This is why I have created this 7-Day Cleanse.

I’ve experimented with diet plans via the method of trial and error many, many times before I was able to successfully transition into a vegan diet, then back to pescatarian, then vegetarian and back to vegan once again (due to pregnancy which involved a different world of adjustments). I’ve learned which restrictions are helpful versus harmful. I’ve learned to find balance and how far I can stretch my comfort zone before I break. After years of experimentation, I have been able to create a sustainable way to purify my inner world through conscious consumption. The journey is possible and you now have access to the path.

In these pages you will find:

  • A list of foods that nourish the womb according to the sacred women of the Khamitic-Nubian lineage
  • A detailed meal plan that includes 3 solid meals and 3 liquid meals per day
  • Recipes for soups, salads, sandwiches and more of your favorites
  • A 7 day womb journal
  • A list of affirmations relating to the seven chakras

I know how hard it can be to learn to tune out the inner voice who might tell you “you can’t do this.” This is why I am offering a free 30 minute consultation to anyone who devotes themself to this cleanse. If you are ready to quiet this voice once and for all and reclaim your womb health, click the link below. Together, we will come up with a personalized plan to make this cleanse possible so that you can experience the full potential of your womb!

Extending gratitude from my womb to yours,


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