Becoming Music

Becoming Music Feminine Healing Session

Becoming Music Feminine Healing will awaken your creative inspiration. This package is designed for artists of all types that may be experiencing a lack of inspiration or creative blockages. If you don’t consider yourself to be an artist but are interested in channeling your artistic expression, the Becoming Music Feminine Healing session will attune your body to receive divine inspiration through reiki energy work. If you have a moon cycle, we will use your current phase of ovulation, menstruation, luteal, or follicular to determine how we can invoke your muse. If you are biologically on a solar cycle, we will use kundalini practices to bring forth your inspiration. By working with your intention, we will create, draw, sing or dance your mantra to bring forth the artistic expression that is asking to be born. With these practices alongside a guided meditation, you will be connected with Divine inspiration and find yourself in a place where you will be ready to create and express!

If you are interested in taking this session to the next level by weaving in the yoni egg but are unsure how they work, please visit my yoni egg FAQ page by Sabrina Arari or send me an email with any additional questions!

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