Dripping in Divinity

Dripping in Divinity Feminine Healing Session

To become empty presence is to become a vessel for the goddess to move through you. When we are aligned with her, we are able to separate ourselves from our stories and beliefs and experience life for what it is. In a Dripping in Divinity Feminine Healing session, I will use reiki energy to open the kundalini and invoke Shakti energy upwards through the chakras. If you have already experienced a kundalini awakening, this session is a great way to keep your sushumna channel clear and open to maximize the potency of this energy. If you have not, this is a beneficial way to begin stimulating this energy. A kundalini awakening may not happen right away and varies per person. If you feel you are ready to initiate a spiritual awakening, a Dripping in Divinity Feminine Healing Session is a safe place to start.

If you desire to take this session to the next level by working with an amethyst yoni egg but are unsure how they work, please visit the yoni egg tab on the home page for a list of FAQ’s by Sabrina Vedete or send me an email with any questions. If you are ready to order your amethyst yoni egg, Click here.

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