Primal Protectress

Primal Protectress Feminine Healing Session

This package is designed for those who are ready to move away from toxic relationships, jobs, living situations, or other attachments that prohibit healing. In a Primal Protectress feminine healing session, you will participate in a cord cutting ritual to detach your energetic body from that which you wish to remove yourself from. I will guide you in meditation to help you discern what is benefiting your growth and what is hindering it. I will also give you practices to work with so that moving forward, your boundaries will remain strong and clear. You will open yourself up to your confidence and courage to move in a new direction.

If you wish to take this session to the next level by working with a black obsidian yoni egg but are unsure how they work, visit the yoni egg tab on the home page and read the of FAQ’s by Sabrina Vadete or send me an email with any questions. If you are ready to order your black obsidian yoni egg, Click here.

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