Energetic Birth Support

In Western society, pregnant women are often treated as patients by doctors and hospitals. The typical processes are disempowering and lack the the necessary education for a womxn to stay anchored in her sovereignty. We are expected to put all of our trust into the hands of the professionals without receiving complete information about the standard techniques and alternative options. Giving birth is a collaboration between the professionals, Divine Spirit, and the birthing womxn. All participants are present to support the mama as she brings life into the world from a place of empowered pleasure.

Birth is often depicted as painful, scary and intense. This is the perception of birth through the lens of the shadow. When you give birth while you are connected to your womb, anchored into the Earth, the Divine Creator herself, Mother Nature, and an open vessel to receive light from the heavens, birth IS pleasurable and even orgasmic! When you feel safe and in control of your body and birthing experience, fear is transmuted into trust. Fear blocks us from being able to create at our full potential (which is the most important thing your body does in the 9 months leading up to birth)! When you grow your baby from a place of trust, you open yourself up to more pleasure for both yourself and your baby.

The moment you say yes to the journey from maiden to mother, the initiation begins. You are being asked to align with your YES and stand embodied in your truth. To accept responsibility for your pregnancy, birth and child and lead the way for those that you have chosen to support you. An ecstatic, pleasurable, and orgasmic birth requires you to step into the role of a courageous leader who protects her baby and her body from anything that might take away from the growing pleasure within and implement more fear or pain.

When your courage and confidence are activated, your pregnancy becomes dreamy, blissful, and inspiring. You hear your intuition speak and recognize the soul of the growing baby within. You experience pregnancy from a place of unconditional love and gratitude. You may even experience a psychic awakening as your mind, heart, and womb are open and aligned!

Pregnancy is a time when womb healing becomes urgent. However you choose to clear your womb from unresolved emotions, suffering, or generational traumas, you must understand that your baby will enter this realm as a reflection of your womb. You have the power to reclaim your pleasure and sovereignty for both you and your baby. You have everything it takes to release the shadow and bring forth the light so that you not only give birth to new life, but to new conditions.

When you say YES to motherhood, you already understand that your whole world is about to change. You have the power to decide what this change looks like starting with pregnancy. If you desire my support in transmuting fear, pain and suffering into trust, empowerment, and pleasure, use the form below to send me a message. Together, we will collaborate on consistent womb clearing practices and overcome challenges. We will create a birth plan that is both safe and pleasurable. You will have my energetic support while giving birth as I use my body as a vessel to channel support from higher realms through reiki and sound. Mystic Honey’s Energetic Birth Support will guide you in creating the most high vibrational pregnancy and birth within our abilities.

Blessed be,


Pregnancy photos by Melissa Robin

Birth Photos by Patience Saldago

Mama & baby photo by Julia Jack Photography

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