Feminine Healing Packages

As you move through your life, you are exposed to many different frequencies that can impact your energy level. Sometimes this means that the energy becomes stagnant. When the energy in your sacral chakra stagnates, the symptoms can show up a number of different ways. I’ve created these packages to help you determine which ways feminine healing can best serve you!

My practices involve reiki, astrology, moon cycling, deity meditation, ancient ritual techniques, and the optional use of yoni eggs (to learn more about these, visit the homepage for the Yoni Egg FAQ).

Dripping in Divinity

For spiritual awakening

Energy Clearing
Chakra Alignment
Kundalini Opening
Guided meditation to awaken higher consciousness
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*recommended with amethyst yoni egg

Primal Protectress

For enhancing discernment

Energy Clearing
Cord Cutting Ritual
Guided Meditation to awaken courage
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*Recommended with black obsidian yoni egg

Cosmic Creatrix

For giving birth to new conditions

Energy Clearing
Fertility Ritual
Guided Meditation for connecting with highest potential
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*Recommended with Green Adventurine yoni egg

Sexual Empowerment

To awaken spiritual eroticism

Energy clearing
Cacao Ceremony
Guided Meditation to reconnect with your sexual nature
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*Recommended with rose quartz yoni egg

Becoming Music

To channel creative energy

Energy clearing
Guided Expressive Arts Journey
Guided Meditation to connect with inspiration
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*Recommended with carnelian yoni egg

Butterfly Maiden

For deep healing and forgiveness

Energy clearing
Releasing Ritual
Guided Meditation to transmute suffering into compassion
Intuitive Feminine Guidance
*Recommended with jade yoni egg

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