Womb Healing Packages

As you move through your life, you are exposed to all kind of different energies. Over time, this can cause energetic transference, which affects the unique balance of your personal energy. If this goes ignored, it can manifest into the physical and emotional bodies and initiate feelings of suffering.

As womb-having people, this is particularly important to be aware of. Your womb is the portal that brings life through from one realm to the next. Your womb is directly connected to Spirit. It is a Divine gift and medium. It’s crucial to keep this space clear so that pure energy flows through. The womb governs creativity, emotional intelligence, pleasure, sexuality, and playfulness. If you experience an imbalance of energy in the womb space, this may manifest as a lack of inspiration, rigidity, disconnection from pleasure and sexuality, inability to express emotions, addiction, depression, and anxiety. If this goes untreated, this can begin manifesting in the physical body as blood clots, pain, cysts, tumors, womb dis-ease, and infertility.

Womb Healing restores energetic balance in the womb space. This practice includes Holy Fire Reiki, sound & crystal therapy, guided meditations to ground your experience, and integration support in the form of Vedantic life guidance.

The following packages can guide you to the aspect of your womb that needs the most attention at this time. Allow your intuition to reveal which Womb Healing Package is calling you.

Dripping in Divinity

For spiritual awakening

Auric Cleansing
Chakra Alignment
Focuses on awakening Kundalini
Guided Meditation for pure, infinite consciousness
Vedantic Life Guidance

*recommended with amethyst yoni egg

Primal Protectress

For enhancing discernment

Energy Clearing
Cord Cutting Ritual
Guided Meditation to Activate Courage
Vedantic Life Guidance

*Recommended with black obsidian yoni egg

Cosmic Creatrix

For giving birth to new conditions

Energy Clearing
Fertility Ritual
Guided Meditation for connecting with highest potential
Vedantic Life Guidance

*Recommended with Green Adventurine yoni egg

Sexual Empowerment

To awaken spiritual eroticism

Energy clearing
Cacao Ceremony
Guided Meditation to reconnect with your sexual nature
Vedantic Life Guidance

*Recommended with rose quartz yoni egg

Becoming Music

To channel creative energy

Energy clearing
Guided Expressive Arts Journey
Guided Meditation to connect with inspiration
Vedantic Life Guidance

*Recommended with carnelian yoni egg

Butterfly Maiden

For deep healing and forgiveness

Energy clearing
Releasing Ritual
Guided Meditation to transmute pain into pleasure
Vedantic Life Guidance

*Recommended with jade yoni egg

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