Goddess Gatherings

Awakening the Goddess in YOU!

Did you know…

… that you were created in the image of the Divine? The goddess, who gave birth to the world, designed your avatar as a reflection of her.

You ARE The Sovereign Creatrix. You have the gifts of pleasure, sensuality, emotion, imagination, and free will. These gifts are but a few of the guides embedded into your human form that when rightly attuned, can lead you into your highest timeline. When your body is out of tune, it can keep you stuck in lower dimensions, where you repeat karmic cycles, which can become very painful.

The purpose of the Goddess Gathering is to bring your mind, body, and soul back into alignment with the Divine so that you can serve as a channel for the highest good. This journey will support and guide you as you direct your awareness into the wisdom of your body, so that you can set yourself free from suffering.

The practices we share are thoughtfully mapped out to build a bridge between you and the goddess. This connection will provide you with deeper levels of peace, spiritual support, wisdom, discernment, and empowerment.


“I came to the Goddess Gathering for the first time to meet a new group of women in a place where I could truly open up. I’ve been feeling like I am at a point in my life where I wanted to make a change and struggling with what’s next for me in life. At the gathering, I was able to finally release all the negative energy that had been haunting me for so long. I got to meet a group of women that not just listened to my story but really understood the struggles I’ve been having with growing as a person and having to leave some relationships and friendships during this growth period. Everyone was so supportive of each other and not judgmental and to find that in a group of women is special. Before this experience, I didn’t realize how much I really needed to release all the negative energy I had been holding on to. It was weighing so heavy on me everyday and I couldn’t figure out how to move past it. I came into the circle sad from a relationship ending and knowing that some of my friendships could be ending too as I continue to grow and change my life. I left feeling the complete opposite, happy, relieved, and grateful for my new sisters for life. My favorite part was when we all finally let go and danced together and let everything out. We danced, we cried, and we supported one another with what each of us was going through. Truly an experience I’ve never had before. As I was leaving, I felt a sense of calmness, like the weight on my shoulders finally was removed. I finally released everything negative that I had been feeling for months and that I was finally getting back on the right path for my life and my growth journey.”

– Dani

“I showed up to the Goddess Gathering ready to come out of my suffering and learn to be kinder to myself and others. Being in a space where I didn’t feel any judgment from others allowed me to release a lot of judgment I felt towards myself. I really enjoyed the guided meditation. I’ve been looking for ways to remind myself that I am nature, not just a part of it or excluded from it and the meditation allowed me to connect to The Mother in a way that I was missing and needing. I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience. I left feeling empowered, gentle, and kind.”

– Katherine

“I went to the Goddess Gathering to release grief and give myself some love and care. Everyone that attended exuded so much love, compassion, and kindness. It felt amazing, freeing, and safe. I feel like I was able to let go of several things that were holding me back through movement and shake out feelings of self doubt, and sadness. Leaving the circle, I felt elated, lighter, calmer, compassionate.”

– Holly

“I invested in this experience with the intention to love my body and find comfort within it. Feeling free to sing, dance, and do other things I enjoy passionately, unapologetically, and without fear of judgment. Truly know, feel, and embody the fact that I am worthy and I am enough. I felt very supported by the circle with my intention. The dancing and direction to make any sounds needed, directly addressed one part of my intention. The other parts of my intention were supported by the sage, visualization, cacao, sound bath, dancing, discussion circle, everything! The event was just so thoughtfully crafted. It was a blessing to be surrounded by the energy everyone brought in. I felt really connected to my body. My mom has always made discussing topics around the yoni, womb, and other feminine organs a very taboo topic. Hearing Bredevi speak of these topics with such ease and without the shame other women in my circles have shrouded them in (not intentionally but as a result of the patriarchal society we live in) made the shame I fostered around my own anatomy as a woman feel as though it was lifted. I had a very emotional visualization experience. I was raped when I was 16, which has created a lot of trauma around sexual relations and feeling safe with my body, specifically with my reproductive organs. I have also struggled throughout my life with feeling like I am worthy or “allowed” to experience pleasure fully and not just like I am facilitating a pleasurable experience for a man. I have been doing a lot of work in therapy with these issues but felt as though I had hit a plateau earlier this year. During the visualization, in the cave I saw the trauma that has manifested from my rape and the feelings of unworthiness surrounding sexual pleasure as a monster of sorts. However I did not feel scared by it, I felt compassion towards it. Then we visualized our younger selves and I thought back to the version of me that had just been raped and hugged her and told her it was all going to be ok. I felt such a sense of relief from acknowledging my shadows. I feel like I have started on my journey up a new mountain towards healing after hitting my previous plateau. I felt as though the gathering was very thoughtfully crafted and that every single part of the gathering from the sage, the sound bath, the spices in the cacao, to the directions given while dancing to help release and the visualization played a vital role in creating a safe and loving environment to dive deeper into the self. I think the discussion circle was particularly important to me as it really helps me conceptualize my experience when I am able to share it with others right after experiencing it. After I left, I felt so great! I went home and danced around some more at my house and felt beautiful, seen, held and happy. I would recommend this to anyone seeking feminine healing.”

– Anonymous

Join our sisterhood.

You are welcome to come as your are. LGBTQ+ encouraged to join 🙂

The next gathering will be held on October 22, 2022 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Align. The address is 2509 E Broad St. Richmond, VA.

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