Goddess Gatherings

Being a cyclical being in a linear world is hard work….

Sacred Sisterhood

serves the purpose of reminding us to return to our feminine rhythm and gives us space to surrender to vulnerability and feminine healing. We live in a culture that shames emotional sensitivity, playfulness, sensuality, and many other qualities of the wild feminine. As a result, we are conditioned to hold ourselves to a standard that isn’t aligned with our innate femininity.

Wombyn are incredibly strong beings for this reason. Wombyn are also sensitive to exhaustion and burnout. The Goddess Gathering is a space for wombyn to surrender to sacred rest, recharge their energetic body, and realign with the natural rhythm of the womb.

Join us!

These free events are held with the intention to build a community of sacred wombyn.

We come together to lay our fears, worries, pain, and suffering into the earth and to celebrate ourselves exactly as we are in a space of support and non-judgement.


Date/Time to be announced in the future

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