Holy Fire III Reiki 1 Training

Rei-Ki translates to Universal Life energy, but its true meaning goes much deeper than that. Reiki doesn’t have to be guided like other healing energies, it guides itself through spiritual consciousness. 

Those who channel Reiki must undergo the placement process. During the placement,  Reiki is guided to make adjustments in the tissues, chakras, meridians, nadis, and the aura, cleansing the pathways of byo-ki (which means negative ki) that block the practitioner from accessing the deeper parts of their consciousness. This placement gives the practitioner the ability to channel Reiki and links them to Source, initiating a cleansing process, opening the third eye, having past-life experiences, receiving messages from the Divine, increasing psychic sensitivity, intuitive awareness, and mystical experiences. 

Do you feel intrigued by the idea of channeling Rei-Ki?

As human beings, we innately desire to grow and expand into greater potential. The whole purpose of life is to grow and develop. It’s a natural expression of our core essence and life itself. Whether or not you desire to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, Reiki has a way of guiding you to your true spiritual path that has always been present and waiting for you. This guidance supports you in letting go of what the ego thinks it needs to be happy and surrendering to the omnipresent love that surrounds you, bringing greater harmony and true happiness. 

What will you receive from a Holy Fire III Reiki 1 Training?

  • A thorough understanding of what Reiki is:
    • What the different levels of Reiki are
    • How Reiki works
    • How the placement process works
    • What we can use Reiki for
    • History of Reiki
  • Reiki 1 Placement
  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience & Gassho Meditation
  • Coaching though Byosen scanning, Reiji-ho, Kenyohu, and the Hayashi healing guide
  • Coaching through hand placements and giving Reiki to yourself and others
  • Reiki Ideals, Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice
  • Practice giving Reiki to self and others

This is a HYBRID Reiki Training meaning that you can attend either virtually or in person!

Class will take place from 9am-6pm on May 15th, 2022 at Island Yoga Fitness (1227 Hull St. Richmond, VA 23224) or on Zoom.

Karmic Exchange: $200 (payment plans available)

Peace & Blessings,


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