Podcasts & Interviews

In this hour long conversation with Courtney Miller from Willows Bloom and AstroBiz podcast, we take a deep dive into the importance of womb healing and how the energetic properties of the moon and the womb are related.

Gaea Lady and I dive into the ways in which we thrash the patriarchy on The Chat Sphere! We discuss what pussy magic is and can be, what activism is and can be, embodied activism & embracing pleasure, balancing genders in all bodies, musings/advice for cismen to understand pussy magic and feminine energy more, the power of feminine healing, power in understanding & living by femme cycles, and how embracing feminine can balance and crumble the oppression we all live under.

The Goddess Moves creatrix, Nicole Pemberton and I discuss Temple Body Arts School, Commitment vs Devotion, Body image and insecurities for another persons agenda, Empowerment and the Power of Forgiveness.

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