Sexual Empowerment

Sexual Empowerment Feminine Healing Session

In a Sexual Empowerment session, we align with the playful archetype of spiritual eroticism. This package is designed for women who are desiring to reconnect with their sexuality. I like to think of the yoni as your antenna, giving us cues to what turns us on and off. We will work with cacao medicine to open the senses and use reiki energy to remove any blockages that are keeping you from experiencing full body pleasure. I will guide you in meditation and give you practices to try at home in order to maintain this connection to spiritual eroticism. Not only will this up level your pleasure, but will open your intuition to understand what you brings you the highest excitement in your day to day life. The frequency of sexual empowerment will unlock your power and remind you of your sensuality.

If you are interested in taking this session to the next level by working with a yoni egg but are unsure how they work, please visit the “yoni egg” tab on the home page for FAQ’s by Sabrina Vedete or send me an email with any further questions. If you are ready to order your rose quartz yoni egg, Click here

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