Unleash the Interdimensional Womb

Are you ready to be in service to femme-source consciousness through womb healing?

Unleash the Interdimensional Womb is a path for femme-bodied women who feel called to attune their vessel so that they can bring multidimensional healing through their cosmic womb portal.

This journey in will guide you in healing your own womb and sharing womb healing with others.

Womb-having people around the globe have suffered from numbness and disconnection from their wombs for centuries. Our connection with our womb can become severed by a variety of experiences on the spectrum of trauma from systemic domestication of the feminine to sexual abuse. Traumatic memories are then stored in the cells, tissues, or nervous system and our minds instinctually de-activate the bridge that connects our awareness to that part of our body. In this case, the womb. When the disconnection remains, the energetic disruption is at risk of manifesting into physical womb dis-ease and/or could potentially be passed on to our children as they are developing as a genetic imitation of us in our wombs. We call this an ancestral imprint. This is a common occurrence in our culture as the ancient mysteries of the womb have been lost and the collective view on the womb barely scratches the surface of its deeper purpose.

Unleash the Interdimensional Womb not only breathes the cosmic mystery of the feminine back to life, but provides you the opportunity to transform your relationship with your menstrual cycle, your body, and awaken your highest purpose in this lifetime.

Is this program for you?

  • You are a womb-having person who is ready to step out of your comfort zone, spread your wings, and take up space

  • You have been calling in the opportunity to step into your full potential a sovereign creator

  • You feel as if you have lived lives in other realms and are seeking clarity around the reason you incarnated here so that you can live out your soul’s purpose

  • You desire to transform your relationship with your menstrual cycle, transmuting suffering into pleasure

  • You feel called to cultivate more maternal love, unity, and compassion in the global collective – eliminating binary thinking, and creating space for all humans to experience total autonomy

  • You are innately a space holder who sees how the pain of the earth is manifesting in the wombs of humankind

  • You are ready to fully embody the womb healer and commit to being in service to healing our planet by amplifying the frequency of femme-consciousness

Unleash the Interdimensional Womb is based on 4 feminine archetypes


She is the embodiment of the menstrual phase, the new moon, winter, and the psychic feminine.

When we attune the womb to channel her frequency, we are able to raise our vibration high enough to peer behind the veils and glimpse into our higher purpose in this human experience.

She transmutes shame, disgust, and fear around our blood into reverence by walking alongside you on the path of sacred ritual.


She embodies the follicular phase, the waxing moon, spring, and the inner marriage between the masculine and the feminine.

When we are attuned to channel her, we have the discernment to choose the highest path and take focused action to move in the direction of our calling.

She holds you as you strengthen your boundaries, speak your truth, and stand for all that is good in the world.


Is the queen who embodies ovulation, the full moon, summer, reciprocity, and celebration.

When we are attuned to channel her, we are in right relationship with ourselves. Self-compassion and acceptance come as naturally as our ability to hold space for the healing of others.

She connects us to our inner source of wealth so that we can move through life feeling beautiful and abundant.


She is the unapologetic embodiment of the luteal phase, the waning moon, autumn, and death.

When we are attuned to her, we unleash ourself from domestication, surrendering to ecstasy by shedding what keeps us from growing into the Divine being we came here to become.

The witch is the fierce, but loving mother who delivers us from our energy-sucking attachments and back home to ourselves and our true calling.

It begins with the book…

The womb is the cosmic portal that brings life from one realm to the next. It’s the gateway that connects our physical bodies to our multidimensional selves and allows our consciousness to travel between dimensions. It’s the antenna that gives us intuitive clues about the intangible world around us. As womb dis-ease and illness continue to spread within the bodies of womb having people around the globe, we are being asked to realize how the pain of our planet – which has been raped and pillaged for centuries – is manifesting in our own bodies. We are asked to stop suppressing the parts of our womb that are suffering because this is the womb of all creation trying to heal through us. 

We are being called to re-educate ourselves about the way we view the womb and use this powerful medium as a guide. As womb healers we can dismantle the patriarchy that keeps us from accessing our full potential as infinite beings by healing the womb, thus re-writing the story of the mystic feminine and reclaiming our space in the world. Together we will manifest a world where all faces of consciousness are protected by the community in love, respect, and harmony.

I remember feeling the tingles of curiosity rising from my womb when I stumbled upon the intriguing idea of transforming my relationship with my her. This was a journey I wanted to explore alone, in privacy. The memory of this moment inspired me to make the book accessible to anyone who feels called to dip their toe into this realm, getting a taste of what womb healing means on their own.


For those who are ready to go a little deeper…

I invite you to consider The Mastercourse…

Unleash the Interdimensional Womb: Womb Healing Mastercourse is for those who are ready to fully devote themselves to cultivating a womb-healing practice that they can share with their loved ones.

This 4 week Mastercourse will be held each season beginning with Spring 2022.

Enrollment for spring classes closes on April 23, 2022. Enrolled participants will then vote on the most ideal class start date (between 4/25 – 4/29).

This course includes:

  • One weekly Masterclass for 4 weeks
    • Coaching through embodiment practices
    • Womb medicine for each phase of the menstrual cycle & various womb initiations
    • Deep dive into ethical space holding
    • Womb healing techniques
    • Group mentorship
    • Intuitive guidance from Bredevi
  • Private Facebook Group
    • Visibility invitations with PRIZES!
    • Sacred sisterhood of embodied womb healers
    • Updates, reminders & announcements
  • A 1:1 Mentorship call with Bredevi
  • 4 ambient guided meditations by Bredevi & DJ Gon
  • A themed playlist for each quadrant


The Divine Visionary
  • Create your moon lodge
  • Activate, clear, and balance Muladhara & Svadhisthana (the root and sacral chakras)
  • Design your daily womb ritual
  • Become a clear channel for pure, Divine inspiration
  • Download your higher vision
  • Herbs, stones, energies, nourishment, body care, and other medicine for the menstrual phase
  • Integrate Blood Mystery 1: Menarche


The Primal Protectress
  • Live as an ethical womb-healer
  • Decolonize your practice
  • Approach a trauma-informed practice
  • Activate Manipura (solar plexus chakra)
  • Establish energetic & physical boundaries
  • Structure your routine to align with your higher vision
  • Honor the sacred masculine
  • Herbs, stones, energies, nourishment, body care, and other medicine for the follicular phase
  • Create the birth plan for your vision


The Sovereign Queen
  • Transform your suffering into your superpower
  • Awaken your inner source of abundance
  • Practice self-compassion and forgiveness
  • De-armor the womb
  • Become a master space-holder
  • Celebrate your Divine vision
  • Clear the reciprocity portal
  • Activate Anahata & Vishuddha (heart & throat chakras)
  • Herbs, stones, energies, nourishment, body care, and other medicine for the ovulation phase
  • Blood Mystery 2: Childbirth


The Witch
  • Unleash the domesticated aspects of your feminine
  • Explore the entirety of your sexual, sensual expression
  • Transform your relationship with ego death
  • Navigate psychological projection & energetic transference
  • Herbs, stones, energies, nourishment, body care, and other medicine for the luteal phase
  • Activate Ajna & Sahasrara (third eye and crown chakras)
  • Blood Mystery 3: Menopause

And Finally….

Living the womb-healing theory

On August 19, 2022 – Unleash the Interdimensional Womb participants will gather in Mount Chirripo, Costa Rica to live the womb healing theory as a village of sisters.

This 4-Day retreat includes:

  • 4 night stay at Finca Mia, 3 meals a day included
  • Morning yoga with Olivia Yohai
  • Themed embodiment classes based on the 4 feminine archetypes
  • Build your professional, channeled womb healing practice
  • Cacao ceremonies into ecstatic dance
  • Evening song circles with Wryn Magdalyn
  • Yoni Steam Sister Circle
  • Reiki infused sound bath with Kelsey Hochhalter
  • Optional CE5 Contact Circle
  • Optional 1:1 add-ons
    • Massage Sessions
      • Therapeutic Massage
      • Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage
      • Cupping
      • Acupressure
    • Private Yoga & Meridian Yoga Technique
    • Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Sessions
    • Womb Healing Sessions
    • Tantric Ayurvedic Coaching Sessions
    • Private Sound Healing Experiences


The Divine Visionary
  • Channel your vision into the physical realm through dance & visual art
  • Practice being witnessed in your unique authentic expression
  • Download your womb-healing brand
  • Celebrate your inner maiden with a menarche ritual


The Primal Protectress
  • Learn to market and manage your brand independently
  • Integrate legal and ethical requirements for professional womb healing
  • Use language and speech to take a stand as a leader
  • Courage and confidence activation ritual


The Sovereign Queen
  • Practice giving your womb healing session
  • Prepare to launch your womb healing offering
  • Recieve the Munay-Ki 13th Rite
  • Move through a ceremonial rebirth


The Witch
  • Use the element of fire in a releasing ritual
  • Connect with nature to unleash your wild feminine
  • Surrender all that keeps you small
  • Step into your power as the womb healer

Meet Your Retreat Womb Healers:

Olivia is an eternal student and teacher. Dedicated to the practice of yoga, her work explores anatomy, movement, Chinese medicine, and spirituality. She has been a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher since 2016 and has 1000 hours of continuing education guiding her. 

She will be offering daily morning yoga inspired by each of the 4 feminine archetypes, private meridian yoga technique sessions, as well as massage, acupressure, and cupping sessions.
Kelsey facilitates healing in physical and astral bodies as guided by her intuition with the intention to hold a safe space for all who feel called to relax, open, and ascend. She is a first generation leader in sound healing, initiated by Sound Healing Conservatory and graduated from Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy with a specialty in Holistic Medicine and Massage Therapy.

Kelsey will be offering group and private Reiki-infused sound healing experiences at the retreat, as well as therapeutic Reiki massage sessions.
Katie’s background in massage therapy and yoga has given her a deep appreciation for the human form and the stories it holds. She loves helping clients feel comfortable in their bodies and in front of the camera.

Katie will be photographing the events at the retreat and offering private photo sessions, Reiki, and massage to any participants who wish to work with her.
Wryn’s deepest heart’s longing is to be of service to the divine in all beings by cultivating vibrant health and sharing her most sacred gifts: healing touch, devotional song, loving awareness and compassionate listening. She is honored to share the practices and teachings of yoga, tantra & ayurveda that have helped her through some of the most painful trials of life.

Each night, Wryn will bless us with her gift of song as we close they day. She would also like to offer 1:1 Tantric Ayurvedic Coaching Sessions with a focus on inner child healing to any retreat participants who wish to work with her.

Hi, I’m Bredevi.

My journey as a womb healer began in 2017, but I was being molded for this purpose long before then. This mission was revealed to me by my birth chart blueprint in my 20s, when all of my past initiations suddenly made sense. When I came into the world, I still had healing codes from my past lives active in my DNA. Growing up in the church, I was often recognized by my elders for my ability to channel Spirit at a young age. The elders allowed me to accompany them on missions into homeless shelters, nursing homes, and women’s prisons to hold space as a Christ-like embodiment for the residents. As I became an adult, I no longer felt fulfilled under the patriarchal umbrella I was placed under and decided to explore my spiritual gifts outside of Christianity. After my first Reiki training, I experienced a femme-consciousness awakening and felt drawn to continue down this path until I finished my training as a Holy Fire III Reiki Master. At the same time, I refined my gifts under the mentorship of Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School. She was the midwife who guided me in transforming my relationship with my womb, integrating my trauma, and coached me as I gave birth to my womb healing practice. Many of my offerings are inspired by the experiences that shaped me into a Temple Body Artist.

My womb healing practice began with energy work and Reiki sessions, but I noticed that all of the clients I was attracting were womb-having people. They all had another thing in common: they were reconnected with memories that were stored in the womb which wanted to be integrated. After this realization, I shifted my practice to focus on supporting women in healing wounded aspects of their feminine. I invested in furthering my education through the American Institute of Vedic studies where I am learning yoga, meditation, mantra, Vedic astrology, and Ayurveda. My training through this institution qualifies me to give Vedantic life guidance as a Vedic counselor in my womb healing sessions, which guides the soul to navigate unseen forces from a higher perspective.

Aside from my professional development, my journey as a womb healer has also been deeply personal. With womb dis-ease being a common trait in my both father’s and mother’s lineage, I experienced feminine suffering at a very young age. When my first moon came, I remember feeling confused when I was required to attend school and my extra curricular activities even though I felt so much pain, it was as if I couldn’t peel myself off of the bathroom floor. I bled heavily for days. Then days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. When three months went by and the bleeding hadn’t subdued, I finally went to a doctor who remedied (or shall I say slapped the band-aid on) the problem with hormonal birth control. However, this was not a sustainable solution as it wreaked havoc on my emotional and mental well-being. This was the beginning of a long journey to my own personal womb healing. After many years of enduring clotting, pain, and PMS, I decided not to allow my womb to remain a pharmaceutical experiment any longer.

As disconnected from my womb as I was all of those years ago, there was a hint of intuition coming through telling me to search for a different way to heal. What I found was the remarkable path that revealed how my physical womb issues and even my energetic womb issues were just the tip of the iceberg. That the whole lens through which I was conditioned to view the womb was warped and that by removing that lens, fundamental healing occurred spontaneously. With devotion to this path, I’ve completely transformed my relationship with my menstrual cycle from dis-owning it to having reverence for it. Understanding my womb as my own inner fractal of nature has been the catalyst that allowed me to embrace all parts of myself and stand in my power as an autonomous being.

Now I want to share this journey with you, so that you can tune into your unlimited potential by Unleashing YOUR Interdimensional Womb.

Womb Healing is a collective mission that needs support.

Are you ready to say YES to healing your womb and sharing womb healing with others?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will I get a certification as a professional womb healer if I attend the retreat?
    While we are not giving out certifications, there is a path for those that wish to include “Trained Womb Healer” to their list of credentials. In order to gain that title, you will be required to complete the following:
    • Read Unleash the Interdimensional Womb book
    • Complete the workbook in 28 days
    • Attend (or watch the replays of) the 4 virtual masterclasses
    • Send in your responses to weekly reflection questions
    • Participate in the Facebook Group visibility invitations
    • Attend all events at the retreat

  2. Can I attend the retreat even if I don’t desire to be a trained womb healer?
    Anyone can attend the retreat, even if your only intention is to live the womb healing theory in a group of embodied sisters. There will be many events that focus on embodiment and sisterhood, not to mention all the yummy add-ons! The professional womb healing conversation circles will be held during designated hours in the afternoon for those who feel pulled in that direction.

  3. Do I have to attend the mastercourse in order to attend the retreat?
    No, the retreat is open to all women

  4. Can I share womb healing with others even if I do not attend the retreat?
    Yes! Anyone can share womb healing. The mastercourse is designed to support you in cultivating your own womb healing practice and guide you in sharing womb healing with others. The retreat adds value to becoming a professional womb healer, where we will discuss the business-related topics.

  5. I’d like to read the book and decide later if I want to progress into the masterclass. Will this class be offered again in the future?
    Unleash the Interdimenstional Womb Mastercourse will be offered quarterly through 2022. If you don’t feel ready now, there will be an opportunity to enroll each season!

The Investment

The Mastercourse – $444

The Mastercourse & Retreat – $1444

Just the retreat – $1111

Payment plans available – Discounts available to mailing list subscribers – BIPOC scholarship available

Questions or Concerns?

Contact me – bredevi@mystichoney.net

Videography: Alexander Jawfox Productions
Music by: Bredevi
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Jordan Stroud
Archetype photos: Alexander Jawfox Productions
The Divine Visionary: Tziporah Jaffe
The Primal Protectress: Courtney Simone
The Sovereign Queen: Bredevi
The Witch: Karma Jane
Goddess Gathering Photos: Katie Bosch Photography
Goddesses: Annelise de Fa Non, Jessi Groux, Amanda Ravan, Katie Leahy, and Lynn Holloman

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