What Is Mystic Honey

Photo by Destiny Martinez

Honey heals the body and soothes the soul. It shows up as earth nectar that is cultivated with the high vibrational buzzing of bees. The medicine that is feminine healing is like honey to your womb space; sweetness that envelops our suffering, transmuting it into space to experience your fullness. Feminine healing is the process of restoring your feminine principle to it’s original, innocent state. Regardless of whether or not you have a menstrual cycle or a womb, feminine healing can benefit you! Each human being has a masculine and feminine aspect that should be honored equally. When it’s not, we become imbalanced and experience symptoms such as insecurity, low-self esteem, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, and can evolve into much more extreme symptoms such as addiction, eating disorders, physical illnesses, unbearable PMS, endometriosis, development of tumors, cysts, cancer and even infertility.

When we commit to healing our feminine aspect, we liberate ourselves from restricting beliefs and create space in our lives to receive. Like transforming the soil in which our lives are rooted from dry or barren into lush and fertile ground. Feminine healing sets the foundation for us to manifest what we desire! When you are fully ready to embrace the journey of feminine healing and choose to do so through the services at Mystic Honey, I will listen to the wisdom of your unique energy flow. I use reiki to bring motion to any stagnant places thus resulting in the release of whatever may be standing in the way of your growth. There are a variety of different ways that these blockages can show up. If you are new to feminine healing, I’ve created a few different packages for you that will help determine how I can be of service to you based on how these blocks may be showing up in your life. You can view these under the “feminine healing” tab in the menu above.

Choosing to heal yourself not only benefits you, but it makes an impact on the world around you. In the midst of a global pandemic, our society is in dire need of being nurtured. As we become a reflection of the feminine, we collectively raise the vibrations of the planet.

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