Womb Healing Master Course

The Rise of The Goddess needs your support!

Womb Healing is a practice that can be woven into any practice or offering and is deeply needed on Earth at this time. As leaders, we are being called to guide wombyn back to the path of remembrance.

In this course, you will lean the 4 energetic phases of the menstrual cycle, how trauma manifests in the womb, how to balance feminine energy in the body, how to embody the Divine Feminine, how to share womb healing with others and more!

Mystic Honey’s Womb Healing Master Course will include 4 workbooks, 4 Virtual Womb Healing Master Classes, the 13th Rite Initiation, a private sisterhood and a 1:1 mentorship call with me!

This Master Course will begin October 4th and conclude on October 25th. Pre-register by RSVP-ing below!

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